Madison Motor Service

Heavy Duty Recovery Services

No one anticipates their tractor-trailer, motorhome, or commercial machinery overturning in a roadside ditch. When the unexpected happens, Madison Motor Service comes through with heavy-duty recovery services in Fremont, OH, and the surrounding area. We send experienced, certified technicians with wreckers, rotator booms, forklifts, and winches to extricate your property. If you need semi truck recovery, construction equipment retrieved, or an RV pulled from an off-road situation, we have someone standing to provide the following 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Crane Services
  • Leaning Trailers
  • Sinking Trailers
  • Dropped Trailers
  • Rotator Services
  • Truck Rollovers & Wrecks
  • Off-Road Recovery
  • Cargo Load Shifts, Load Swaps, and Transfers
  • Ditch Winch Outs
  • Big Rig Recovery
  • Decking & Undecking
  • Road Tractor Swap Outs
  • And more!

Offering All Types of

Heavy Duty Tow Truck Services

As Fremont’s leading heavy-duty recovery services provider, Madison Motor Service maintains an extensive fleet of vehicles with the latest tools and technology. When you reach our 24/7 call center, a dispatcher will ask about your location and the nature of the roadside emergency. The closet heavy-duty tow truck will be promptly sent, and you can expect a text message indicating when a wrecker will arrive.

Cargo Recovery

At Madison Motor Services, truckers and freight carriers must contact us immediately if a load has shifted or feels unbalanced. The big rig may be one sharp turn away from a rollover and calling for tractor-trailer recovery services.
Rather than risk one more mile, we can send the forklifts, rotator booms, and wrecker operators to perform cargo swaps, transfers, and roadside adjustments. Anytime you suspect your cargo is unsafely distributed or needs to be transferred, we’ll send the people and assets to resolve the issue and get you back on the road

Equipment Hauling

Not every piece of equipment is designed to navigate Fremont sections of I-90, Route 6, 20, or the backroads of Sandusky County. The most cost-effective and efficient way to get your construction and agricultural assets from Point A to Point B is by enlisting the support of an experienced heavy equipment hauling operation. At Madison Motor Services, we do the job for farmers and contractors.

Trailer Recovery

Leaning and Sinking Trailers

As Fremont’s go-to off-road recovery and heavy winching service provider, our field crews have handled more than their fair share of emergency calls to save leaning and sinking trailers. That’s mainly because truckers and freight carriers sometimes experience extreme weather in Northern Ohio. If your trailer or reefer unit needs to be raised from the muck and put back on solid ground, our heavy winching service operators and mobile crane specialists are available 24/7.

Ditch Pull Outs

Heavy Duty Winching Services and Ditch Pull Outs

Our keys to providing successful heavy-duty winching services and ditch pullouts start with hiring highly skilled and dedicated professionals. The field crews we dispatch are natural problem solvers who arrive with intimate knowledge of the terrain. Backed by state-of-the-art equipment and technology, our dedicated technicians routinely perform the following in the most cost-effective manner possible.
  • RV and Bus Winching Service
  • Semi Truck Winching Service
  • Low Bridge Semi Recovery Service
  • Sunken Tractor
  • Trailer Lifting
  • Jackknife Trucks
  • Off-Road Winching Services
  • Underwater Recovery Services
  • Ditch Pull Outs
  • Semi Truck Rollovers



The need to outsource forklift services and cargo recovery often means our business professionals deal with a disaster or unexpected expense. We offer the following services at the lowest cost possible.
  • Forklift Service
  • Bobcat Service
  • Cargo-Load Swaps
  • Loading Dock
  • Cargo Hauling
  • Cargo Storage
  • Pallet Jack Service
  • Steel Coils



Having the people, the fleet of heavy-duty recovery assets, and logistical knowledge means Madison Motor Service can handle any project, big or small. For our leadership team and specialists, large-scale operations simply require proper planning and follow-through. These are critical assets we have available to perform heavy equipment and machine recovery services.
  • Boom Lifts
  • Trailers
  • Bucket Trucks
  • Farming Equipment
  • Tractors
  • HVAC
  • Steel Coils
  • Factory Moving
  • Excavators
  • Flatbed Trucks
  • Skidsteers
  • Fork Lifts